WILA Lighting Ltd is part of Experience Brands and is based in Oxfordshire, UK. WILA specialises in personalised lighting solutions and believe that no two projects are the same.

WILA prides itself on its ability to respond to project specific requirements with personalised lighting solutions, delivering exceptional customer service and manufacturing flexibility.

Personalised Lighting Solutions

WILA understands that every building is different - lighting products should be solution based and reflect the specific project requirements.

Leading with innovative products and a commitment to focusing on the customer, design team and end user, WILA can create and manufacture personalised lighting products to fulfil the project design specification.  

Excellent Customer Service

WILA is committed to providing exceptional customer service.  The team are experts in their field with a wealth of project experience, industry insight and product knowledge. WILA has an extensive portfolio of projects demonstrating product design, manufacture and supply of personalised lighting solutions.

Please visit PROJECTS to view recent case studies. 

Experience Brands

Experience Brands is a fast-growing global lighting conglomerate comprised of medium-sized agile production and innovation facilities that work very closely with its specific markets. The goal of the group is to combine the experience, capacity, and capabilities of the individual businesses to achieve maximum service and performance to the customer. Experience Brands has a comprehensive portfolio of leading
lighting companies to meet the needs of the market. The brands and companies under the umbrella of Experience Brands benefit from a worldwide distribution network, extensive production facilities, and shared infrastructure.

WILA can offer products from the Experience Brands portfolio in order to fulfil project requirements. Please contact us today for more information.