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WILA is more than just a lighting company— we are a thriving creative community.

While our passion lies in designing beautiful, technical lighting, that have garnered prestigious awards and introduced world-first products, at the core, WILA is more than just a lighting company—we are a thriving creative community.

Creative in the sense that we collaborate with interior designers, architects, and technology companies globally to ensure we are matching the latest innovation with beauty and elegance to complement current and predicted fashion trends.

Our creativity also manifests in our commitment to minimising environmental impact without compromising on quality or service. We think differently.  We are constantly striving to be better for our people, our clients, their projects and the community.

Creativity is not only about design; we partner with our clients to help solve their problems as much as bring their projects to life.

Dating back to 1857, WILA stands as the oldest lighting company in the world, with a rich and decorated heritage. I am proud to say I’ve played a small part in the legacy of this institution.

The accomplishments achieved during my time here are a testament to the remarkable team at WILA. I extend my heartfelt thanks to each member who has played a crucial role in our success. Together, we continue to shape WILA’s future with creativity, innovation, and a commitment to service.

Matt Vogel, CEO

WILA since 1857


Founding of WILA

Wilhelm von Hagen establishes the company in Iserlohn, specializing in metalworking and the manufacture of bed fittings. The family initially produces brass rosettes.


Change in Company Name

After Wilhelm von Hagen's death, his widow changes the company name to Wwe, Wilh. Hagen.


Diversification into Residential Lighting

WILA ventures into electrification and establishes a new department for lighting fixtures. The company introduces its first luminaires at the Leipzig trade fair and becomes the fourth largest producer in the German lighting industry by 1938.


Project Lighting Initiatives

WILA begins specifying custom luminaires for customer projects.


Focus on Design-Oriented Luminaires

In collaboration with architects and interior designers, WILA designs modern luminaires for the private sector.


Shift to Technical Lighting

The company shifts its focus to the production of technical luminaires and compact downlights. WILA Lichttechnik is established in 2005 under the ownership of Mike Collett, Peter Le Manquairs, and Andreas Henrich. WILA Lighting Limited is founded in England in 2004, expanding the company's international presence to more than 40 countries.


Introduction of Turbo Louvre Downlight

WILA introduces the Turbo Louvre downlight, specifically designed for workstations and offices with VDUs, featuring glare-controlled louvres.


Specialisation in Individual Lighting Solutions

WILA becomes a leading specialist for individual lighting solutions, engaging in intensive dialogues with all parties involved in building design and lighting professionals.


RedDot Design Award

WILA launches the Alphabet and Transparency product families, both of which receive multiple design awards, including the RedDot Design Award.


Recognition as an Investor in People

WILA Lighting Limited in the UK is awarded the 'Investors in People Bronze' certification for excellent performance in employee development. The company now employs more than 150 individuals across its locations, continuing its legacy of innovation and excellence in the lighting industry.


Nordeon Lighting Group

Became part of Nordeon Lighting Group, latterly Experience Brands.


100% Paperless

WILA becomes a paperless company


Carbon Neutral +

Achieved Carbon Neutral + for the first time



Launched WILA in USA


Squared Light Distribution

World-first, round downlight with a squared light distribution (Patented).



Developed Textures – world first in textures as standard rather than colours


LightFair New York

Debuted first AR product demos at LightFair in New York


New Website

World first lighting 3D configurator with AR capability

WILA logo black on white

We boast a legacy dating back to 1857, but what's important today?

Our Values

At WILA, our values are the heartbeat of our business, resonating alongside the dedication and passion of our people.


Transparent with our capabilities and how we’re going to perform


Putting the welfare of our colleagues, customers and the environment first


Resolute in the pursuit of our goals


Working with our team, customers and industry for the betterment of all


Using quality, elegance, style, precision and discipline in everything we do


Our People

WILA values flexibility, knowledge, and it has a real family feel. We work together as a team to deliver solutions and great customer service by listening and sharing information with each other. Communication and collaboration are key values within the company, and this is reflected in each department from our designers to our customer service and aftersales advisors. We strive to be the best at what we do by working together and listening to our customer’s needs. WILA has stood the test of time for over 165 years and will be here for many years to come!
People sit at the very heart of our business. Every member of the team is truly dedicated and passionate about how they contribute to the company’s goals, while always ensuring that our customer is the main focus. There is a wonderful community feel at WILA, where everyone offers help and support wherever it is needed. We create great products and provide a fantastic service, but it is our people that sit at the very heart of that. We are what makes WILA.
WILA is a company that strives to provide quality products and a quality service. We are adaptable and flexible and above all else we care. We care about how we are doing, We care about giving our customers a great service and we care about making a quality product.
Where innovation meets aesthetics, WILA Products are designed and developed with new ideas, creativity, and the latest technology. We also offer a personal touch with our customised solutions to meet the needs of our customer. We don’t just design Product we transform our ideas, vision and passion into an experience.
Projects don’t just happen. People make projects happen and we’re here to help work though the challenges that come up along the way.
WILA is a friendly company, putting its customers at the heart of everything they do. Always striving to give customers the best experience and service possible.



WILA boasts a vast, cutting-edge product portfolio with an offering that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of every project

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WILA UK HQ Boston House Grove Business Park Downsview Road Wantage Oxfordshire OX12 9FF

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