We have compiled
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asked questions below.

What colour temperature options do you offer?

As standard 2700K, 3000K, 4000K. We also offer products with a wide range of single colour options ranging from 2200K-6000K, RGB & RGBW colour change – Please ask on request. 

What LED’s are used in your products?

We always strive to offer the best luminous efficacy (lumens/ watts). Our main LED’s used with our products are CREE, SAMSUNG and LUMILEDS.

Do you charge for delivery?

All orders under the value of £1000 are subject to a handling charge of £50. 

Do you have agents?

We have agents all across the world. Please visit our locations page to find the nearest one to you.

Can your fittings come with emergency?

Most of our fittings are available with emergency, please ask on request.

Do your fittings come complete with driver?

All of our fittings come complete with drivers 

What are your standard lead times?

Please be advised that the estimated delivery time for standard WILA products is 6 to 8 weeks. For special products and/or variations, this may increase to 10 weeks, depending on the nature of the modification. 

Do you have a returns policy?

Please refer to our Terms and Conditions of sale 

What CRI do you offer?

CRI 80 & CRI 90 as standard. For most indoor & commercial lighting applications we offer CRI 80 as standard, for applications where colour appearance is important or can contribute to improved aesthetics we offer CRI 90. We can offer up to CRI97 on request.

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