Lighting Solutions for Educational Environments

Students of all ages require the right lighting as it can impact how a student learns to their health and wellbeing.  

Each area has a different lighting requirement dependent on what the space is being used for. From classrooms, to libraries, cafeterias, and corridors, different light fixtures and colour temperatures are specified to meet the needs and functions of each space. 

Focus and productivity

Light levels and colour temperature can affect focus and concentration. Brightly lit rooms that incorporate as much natural light as possible improve concentration and therefore productivity.

Bright, cool light encourages students to concentrate during tests by making them feel more alert. This can transition to a warmer, dimmer light with less intensity to promote relaxation and a calm ambience at quieter times during the school day, such as in a library or a break room. 

A lighting scheme also needs to provide visual comfort for students to carry out their work, who will spend a lot of time using screens such as computers or tablets. Lighting with reduced glare creates ideal conditions so they can use technology without distraction and straining their eyes. 

Health and wellbeing

Human Centric Lighting plays an important part when designing a lighting scheme for an educational setting as the correct lighting can impact both students and teachers’ health and wellbeing.

Human Centric Lighting mimics our circadian rhythm, the internal body clock which tells us when to be alert and to be restful, by reflecting the natural lighting cycle of the day and transitioning from warm to cool light temperatures.  

Lighting schemes specified for different spaces can make students feel more alert when they need to, yet calm and comfortable during rest periods, to prevent tiredness and fatigue throughout the school day.  

Safety and security

Safety on campus is a critical, and lighting is a key way to ensure that both students and staff feel secure through increased visibility. 

For students and staff who are working late, or for periods in the winter when it gets dark earlier, it is imperative to have a high-quality light output to reduce dark areas. Many campuses are spread out across a vast area with interconnecting pathways, multiple carparks, entrance areas and corridors joining varying buildings, each needing to be lit using a variety of lighting types and temperatures to ensure that students and staff can navigate easily around the campus.   

Emergency lighting is a core element of any educational lighting scheme due to the large number of people in a setting and the high number of exits, emergency lighting must be bright, well-placed, and easily visible. 


Lighting is not only practical it can be used to promote the brand of your school or university.  

The targeted lighting of signs and entrance areas enables quick orientation for visitors as it draws their attention, whilst intelligent façade illumination emphasises prominent architectural features and specific areas of buildings, allowing building fronts to be aesthetically highlighted.  

Façade lighting can also provide dynamic displays in school colours to bring more prominence to your brand. 

Energy and cost efficiency

A key consideration in lighting design for educational settings is that it must be able to meet regulations, budgets, and sustainability targets. This can be achieved through modern, hi-tech lighting solutions. 

Upgrading to modern LED luminaires delivers long-life, high quality, and cost-effective solutions. Bespoke lighting solutions utilising smart lighting technology create smart buildings, optimising on energy efficiency through occupancy sensors which dim and turn off lights when buildings are not in use. This allows educational facilities with sprawling campuses to automatically and efficiently use lighting that adapts to the functions of the building and its occupants.  

We provide precise and efficient lighting technology that acts as the ultimate solution for a variety of educational settings, from schools to university campuses. 


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