Lighting Solutions for Healthcare Environments

Beyond being a mere design component within healthcare settings, lighting possesses the capability to influence the health, productivity, and overall welfare of both patients and employees.

Its effects extend from guiding movement within hospital premises to optimising the efficacy of staff in their crucial responsibilities, and even influencing the healing process and recuperation period of patients.

Demanding lighting requirements for critical spaces

From operating theatres through to corridors and waiting rooms, there are many different areas of healthcare settings that require different kinds of lighting to appropriately meet the functions and needs of the space and its occupants. 

In treatment and examination areas such as cubicles and operating theatres, lighting must provide excellent visibility without glare so that doctors and nurses can offer care with accuracy. 

For patient rooms, retirement homes and rehabilitation clinics, the focus is on the comfort and experience of the patient, promoting rest and relaxation through effective circadian lighting, warmer temperatures, and dimmer settings. 

Corridors and stairways are functional and must be brightly lit to provide easy navigation and wayfinding. Emergency exits in these areas must also be fitted with effective, visible emergency lighting to ensure the safety of both staff and patients. 

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Human Centric Lighting

Hospitals, long-term care and assisted living facilities are all designed with patients and staff in mind, from room layouts to lighting solutions.   

Within these facilities health and well being is paramount, but many patients can spend days, weeks or sometimes years indoors and become disconnected from their natural circadian rhythm. From bright lights that often keep patients up at night to poorly lit wards that disrupt the patients’ internal clocks, stopping them from getting the rest they need. 

Human centric lighting takes into account how different lighting can affect people in different ways as the lighting solution is designed to provide the right brightness at the right time by responding and adapting to specific environments. The lighting system can help patients maintain regular sleep-wake cycles by emulating the day-night cycle of the world outside, allowing them to rest better, have more natural sleep patterns and be helped towards quicker recovery. 

For healthcare staff who have challenging work environments and busy shift patterns, the correct lighting solution provides a good working environment by lowering fatigue and stress, providing visual comfort and optimising lighting levels to improve focus and concentration. 

Assists patient recovery

Human Centric Lighting is a key factor in encouraging patient recovery, by mimicking the natural lighting cycle of the day and transitioning from cool to warm light temperatures.  

Circadian lighting enhances the healing process for patients and reduces recovery time by providing a relaxing atmosphere which increases the sense of wellbeing, promotes healthy sleep through reduced disturbances, and lowers pain. 

Ambient lighting helps relax and reassure patients, putting them into a positive mood for recovery whilst creating a welcoming environment in reception, examination and patient rooms, to reassure patients throughout the process. 


Durability, low maintenance and reduced costs

Hospital lighting must face the challenges of exceptional durability while ensuring low maintenance and life cycle costs. Lighting needs to run 24/7 and be at a quality to meet regulations, budgets, and sustainability targets.  

Modern LED luminaires deliver long-life, cost and energy efficient solutions by increasing the life span of light fittings and reducing the need for maintenance and upgrades. 



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