Experience Brands stands as a pioneering global consortium comprising renowned lighting enterprises such as .hess, Griven, WILA, Vulkan, LAMP, and Pantheon. Within our portfolio, these distinguished brands cater to a comprehensive spectrum of specification-grade lighting needs across diverse projects worldwide. Equipped with state-of-the-art production facilities, an extensive distribution network, innovative product design, and robust infrastructure, we seamlessly accommodate the most intricate and demanding ventures.

Operating in over 100 countries, we blend our global reach with an in-depth local understanding, ensuring a nuanced approach to every region we serve. Our dedicated teams are committed to tailoring innovations and technology to precisely match the unique requirements of each project proposal. Recognizing the distinctiveness of every society, we embrace our own diversity, fostering an inclusive and adaptive ethos in all that we do.

Recommended Products

Linear luminaire family
Linear luminaire family
Modular structures for suspending, surface mounting or recessing
Modular lighting system
Linear downlight family
Accent lighting spotlights
Track accent lighting spotlights
Family of LED pendant downlights
Family of LED pendant downlights
Outdoor lighting solution

WILA boasts a vast, cutting-edge product portfolio with an offering that can be tailored to meet the unique needs of every project

UK Headquarters

WILA UK HQ Boston House Grove Business Park Downsview Road Wantage Oxfordshire OX12 9FF

USA Headquarters

WILA USA 427 Hyatt Street Gaffney, SC 2934

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