Puck XT

Designed By Christopher Vater


The mighty Puck XT provides recessed illumination for internal and external handrails – round or square!

It offers a discrete way of lighting high traffic areas or accentuating features where light pollution is an issue.

Puck XT has a compact low profile design providing specifiers with a versatile and easy to install solution.

Overview & Features

Discover the innovative Puck XT, a cutting-edge lighting solution designed to enhance wildlife conservation efforts. With its availability in both amber and red LEDs, the Puck XT offers unparalleled benefits for wildlife preservation. The amber and red light spectrum minimises disruption to nocturnal animals, reducing their stress levels and preserving their natural behaviours such as nesting, foraging, and migration.

This feature is particularly crucial for species sensitive to artificial light, such as turtles, bats, birds, and certain insects. By choosing the Puck XT with its wildlife-friendly lighting options, conservationists and researchers can conduct studies, monitor wildlife, and implement habitat management practices with minimal disturbance.

By reducing light pollution and providing a wildlife-friendly environment, Puck XT fosters the conservation of biodiversity and promotes ecological balance. .

Turtles walking on the road while it rains.
A barn owl's silhouette landing on a signpost at the golden hour of sunset

Man-made light is known to cause confusion to migrating birds, often with fatal outcomes, and many of us will have heard birds singing late into the night in trees lit by a streetlight. 

The situation is so serious that light pollution is reducing the nocturnal pollinator visits to flowers by 62% in some areas.   Some mammals emerge too early from hibernation as a result of light pollution, and others will try to avoid the light altogether, which disrupts their natural activities such as mating and hunting. –  The Countryside Charity

If you create a long, linear arrangement of street lights, like a highway, it can be very difficult for bats to navigate… –  The Natural History Museum

Because of light pollution, sea turtles and birds guided by moonlight during migration get confused, lose their way, and often die. – National Geographic

Most domestic outdoor lighting is now LED, so look for warm white options rather than the cool white and blue wavelengths of the light spectrum. Warm whites, oranges and reds are all better options for most wildlife as well as our own circadian rhythms. –  The Natural History Museum



To configure your WILA product, please choose from the options on the side menu and then click finish for your bespoke configuration.

Images are for illustrative purposes.

Puck XT can be customised with the following options:

  • LED Colours (Amber / Red)
  • Brick Adapter

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