Flatlight Round Track


Elevate your space with the Flatlight Round Track surface-mounted luminaires. Redefining architectural lighting, Flatlight Round Track seamlessly integrates flexibility as its core feature, courtesy of our innovative Track system.

Experience unparalleled control with customisable positioning along the track and effortless alignment, empowering you to tailor lighting precisely to your specifications. Embracing a modular approach, Flatlight Round Track ensures application-specific, efficient, and sustainable lighting, directing illumination precisely where needed, enhancing visibility, and minimising energy consumption.

Designed to harmonise functionality with aesthetic allure, these sleek and contemporary fixtures promise to metamorphose any environment into an illuminated oasis of elegance. Whether illuminating a dynamic reception area, a bustling office, or a chic commercial space, Flatlight Round stands poised to enrich and inspire.

With its slim profile measuring just 50mm in height and the option of Microprismatic or Opal optic variants, customisation meets cutting-edge design. Flatlight Round Track transcends mere illumination—it embodies a declaration of contemporary brilliance. With the added convenience of Dali and Bluetooth connectivity, control seamlessly integrates into every luminous moment, ensuring an effortless lighting experience.

Overview & Features

To configure your WILA product, please choose from the options on the side menu and then click finish for your bespoke configuration.

Flatlight Round can be customised with the following options:

  • Bluetooth Wireless Control.
  • Tunable White
  • Custom Finishes
  • Rod Suspension

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