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Introducing WILA’s Track Emergency—a revolutionary addition to our esteemed Track product line, engineered to seamlessly blend safety and flexibility in modular environments.

Track Emergency embodies our commitment to innovative lighting solutions that prioritise both functionality and adaptability. With its integration into our versatile Track system, it offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing for swift adjustments to changing environments and requirements.

This cutting-edge luminaire ensures safety remains paramount in any space, providing reliable emergency lighting when needed most. Whether in office complexes, retail spaces, or hospitality venues, Track Emergency stands ready to illuminate pathways and guide occupants to safety during critical situations.

Crafted with precision and reliability in mind, Track Emergency isn’t just limited to our track system. It can seamlessly integrate into your existing Track infrastructure from leading suppliers Stucchi, Eutrac, Global and Power Gear.

Its sleek design and unobtrusive presence complement any environment, while its high-performance capabilities provide peace of mind in emergency scenarios.

Overview & Features

Standard Option:
Designed for applications where self-testing is unnecessary or unsuitable, this option maintains the same high quality and performance standards expected from our products, albeit without the AutoTest® feature.

AutoTest® Option:
Equipped with AutoTest®, this option offers self-contained automatic testing compliant with IEC/EN 62034 standards. This functionality enables swift fault identification through the status LED indicator, facilitating automatic commissioning and periodic functional testing.

DALI & DALI-2* Compatibility:
DALI technology allows for convenient testing and monitoring of emergency lighting systems using a standardised protocol, whether on-site or remotely via internet connection. Ideal for overseeing larger buildings and multiple sites, DALI-2 represents the next generation of this standard, enhancing interoperability and introducing advanced diagnostic capabilities. All DALI products default to standalone AutoTest when disconnected from a DALI network.

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