Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, Bristol

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, Bristol

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris (AHMM) is an architecture practice based in Clerkenwell, London, with offices in Bristol and Amsterdam. Set up in 1989 by Simon Allford, Jonathan Hall, Paul Monaghan and Peter Morris, the practice employs over two hundred people working on projects in Education, Healthcare, Housing, Arts and Offices.

When AHMM decided to open a second studio in Bristol, they asked WILA Lighting to provide them with an individualised lighting solution using the latest LED technology. The project is quite compact and challenging, requiring pendant direct/indirect LED luminaires with a microprismatic optic for good glare control for a working practice. The Lighting had to be controlled by a system that monitored Daylight and Absence to maximise energy savings. Due to the low 2.45m high solid ceiling and exposed services, the lighting had to be continuous with blanking plates throughout the office, dining/breakout, project room and entrance as well as some store rooms.

WILA team offered the Lighting solution consisted of two luminaires. One is a surface mounted Downlight for the entrance and breakout areas and a continuous pendant luminaire for elsewhere. The surface Downlight is one of WILA’s standard luminaires from the Nero Accent product family, but with an extended housing to incorporate a DALI driver. The continuous pendant luminaire is one of WILA’s project solutions individualised for this project specifically. The Aluminium profile, only 55mm deep, has a 45° slope to make the luminaire appear even shallower than one with a flat side. The width is 275mm with a small flange to support the microprismatic optic.

From the underside, the homogeneity is excellent providing a UGR of less than 19 and under the 3000 cd/m2 luminance limit. Each optical length is nominally 1200mm long and there are blanking sections ranging from 800mm up to 1600mm. The longest length is 8m and the shortest length is 3.2m.

AHMM also required on the RAL colour – RAL1018 – Zinc Yellow for these pendant luminaires to match the colour of the screens on the desks. WILA production team had used special colour Mix coating to make sure the colour matched the requirements and enable the luminaires to become one of the noticeable pieces of furniture within this modern office design.

Luminaires Supplied:

Nero Accent Surface Mounted Luminaires
Ingenic Pendant Luminaires

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris, United Kingdom
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