Bakery Chain Loescher

Bakery Chain Loescher

Individuality that is easy to recognise

The bakery chain Loescher works with WILA as a partner for their lighting concepts since two years. Together individual lighting solutions for the bakeries with joint cafes and the self-service branches have been created. The result is very convincing: innovative luminaires and special solutions with the latest LED technology for the presentation of pastries combined with a balanced lighting atmosphere for customers and employees.

“Individuality, flexibility and a high recognition value are very important to us”, says the technical director of the bakery chain Loescher. These attributes are especially vital for the bakeries with a joint cafe. For setting light accents ALPHABET SPECTRA spotlights are used. Thanks to the stepless rotation of up to 361° and tilting from 0-25° light can be directed exactly to where it is needed.

For the ambience lighting glare-free TENTEC ZONO LED downlights are used. They create an even luminance and as a result a balanced lighting atmosphere. The brand recognition of the branches is reached through colour accents, an individually coloured lighting solution through LED pendant lights with textile lampshade in orange, which draw the attention of the visitors and create a special mood lighting, which is essential in a cafe.

In the self-service branches LED panels create a balanced ambient lighting. To create lighting accents and to brighten up the walls ALPHABET FOCUS wallwashers are used. The branches are easily recognizable through a special solution pendant luminaire in RAL3000 (flame red). These luminaires are mounted above the tables and invite visitors to take a short coffee break. The cafe area is illuminated by the pendant luminaires in an ideal way, especially the excellent vertical illumination has to be emphasised.

The bakery chain Loescher uses LED lighting solutions because of the excellent colour rendering of Ra>95 achieving the highest light quality, the long life time of 50,000h and the energy savings.  Another special solution is an additional insect-proof cover for an overall aesthetic impression. Over 15 stores have already been equipped with individual lighting solutions, both renovations and new buildings.

Luminaires supplied:

Project solution  TENTEC ZONO downlights with stainless steel ring
Project solution  ALPHABET FOCUS wallwashers
Project solution  ALPHABET SPECTRA recessed adjustable spotlights
Project solution  CLUSTER panel
Project solution Pendant luminaires with textile lampshade
Project solution Pendant luminaires with acrylic cylinder

Lighting Design:

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