BBC Mailbox Birmingham

BBC Mailbox Birmingham

Since 2004 BBC Birmingham, one of the most established regional arms of the BBC have been located at the Mailbox development in the city centre.

As part of their commitment to the carbon reduction programme an LED upgrade to the existing lighting scheme was required.

WILA Lighting UK were briefed to provide low energy, high quality lighting within the constraints of the existing environment. Attention to office ergonomics was essential.

After intensive consultation WILA suggested a combination of individual 1200mm trimless and continuous pendant Direct and Direct/Indirect luminaires to provide a full LED Retrofit installation.

The double height space and existing SAS ceiling required precision positioning of luminaires in order to work with the existing suspension and cable entry points.

The high efficiency, glare control and distribution, provided by LINIC100 was the perfect solution creating perfect lines of light seamlessly across the floor plates

Bluetooth Casambi controls with sensors and wireless switches were used making the installation easy. This allows the BBC to be able to simply change the lighting via an App as the inevitable building churn takes place.

The installation created a visual impact that transformed the space, the luminaires achieving a contemporary and user-friendly environment within which to work.

Luminaires Supplied:

Continuous & Individual Retrofit LINIC100 LED luminaires replacing T5 28 and 35W lamps with Casambi lighting controls.


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