Blavatnik School, Oxford University

Blavatnik School, Oxford University

Architectural Accent Lighting from an aesthetic and performance perspective 

The Blavatnik School of Government is a new building located on the Radcliffe Observatory Quarter in Oxford.

LED luminaires, all of which are circular in their design, have been utilised throughout the building creating a stunningly simple and modern ambience. With Hoare Lea Lighting, WILA designed and manufactured a large percentage of the luminaires, customising a standard WILA luminaire to meet the architectural brief. Together with architect Herzog & de Meuron and lighting designer Hoare Lea Lighting a full portfolio of luminaires was developed to complement the building’s curved circular form.
The design also had to comply with the University’s Estates Services standards which outline the design and installation requirements for lighting control and luminaires along with CIBSE SLL Code for Lighting, LG5- Lighting for Education and LG7- Office lighting.

The largest of the LED luminaires is the Halo Pendant with a diameter of 650mm which produces up to 3675 Llm of 4000K light with a direct/indirect distribution, achieving up to 112 Llm/W. The Halo’s body is produced using steel finished in RAL 9007 grey aluminium, this is combined with a bespoke rod suspension and ceiling rose fixing detail. The DALI driver is housed within the central mounting bar specifically for ease of maintenance.

Within the Blavatnik School’s two horseshoe-shaped lecture theatres on the ground floor recessed Halo 450mm circular luminaires have been installed throughout. These fittings utilise a low glare Micro-prismatic optic (UGR<19) whilst still retaining a high efficacy.

The cellular office spaces located around the perimeter of the upper floors include the Halo surface mount luminaire which evolved in design from the original WILA Flat Light luminaire through discussion with the project team. Again these utilise the low glare Micro-prismatic optic. Although the luminaires have 90% DLR, they also feature an indirect element adding to the visual interest of the installation.

With polished concrete throughout the building the feature spiral staircase is a focal point within the building. Pendant 200mm diameter direct/indirect Halo luminaires have been installed at evenly spaced locations along the staircase. With varying rod suspension lengths depending on location, it was also imperative that the fixing detail was designed correctly to enable the rod suspension to sit at the correct vertical angle against the sloped ceiling. All of this was incorporated into the design and manufacture of the WILA luminaires.

Luminaires supplied:

Halo Pendant 650mm Diameter
Halo Recessed 395mm & 450mm Diameter
Halo Pendant 200mm Diameter
Halo Pendant 450mm Diameter

Herzog & de Muron
Lighting Design:
Hoare Lea Lighting
Redshift Photography

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