District Court Halle

District Court Halle

The Halle District Court stands as one of the most magnificent Palaces of Justice constructed in former Prussia, boasting significant architectural importance. Even today, visitors are captivated by the staircase’s distinct colour and form, evoking a nearly sacred ambience. During the renovation, the lighting of this central access point to all floors and courtrooms required adaptation to meet contemporary standards while adhering to the principles of historic preservation.

Lighting designer Anke Augsburg and her team rose to the challenge, aiming to seamlessly integrate an illumination concept that would harmonise with the building’s architecture, without detracting from its listed status. Since the upper floor of the staircase terminated in a vaulted ceiling, embedding the lighting system into the ceiling was unfeasible.

The ideal solution was found in the form of the high-performance LED-based Puck XT system, designed specifically for handrails. Consuming a mere 1.5W per light point, the central area of the steps was efficiently illuminated with 100lx, in compliance with relevant standards.

By employing a warm white luminous colour (3000K), the architectural essence of the historic stairwell was meticulously showcased. Recessed within a second, discreet aluminium handrail positioned in front of the original one, the light source remains concealed. Additionally, the compact dimensions of the LED Puck XTs allow for a flush installation in round and square handrails measuring as little as 38mm in inside diameter and 1.5mm in wall thickness. This was crucial to ensure compliance with the architect’s specified dimensions for the handrail. Furthermore, the system’s lighting design offers added value, as illumination can be optimised through the offset and beam angle of the light sources. The flexibility of individual arrays enables the LED lighting system to be used in both straight and curved configurations, essential for accommodating the Halle court building’s small radii.

The system also allows for retrofitting and is suitable for outdoor applications, with vandal-proof properties depending on the version. Notably, all visible components exhibit strength corresponding to the impact resistance rating IK10 (EN62262).

“Respecting the structure and unobtrusive positioning of luminaires were central to our design philosophy. The solution effortlessly achieves the required illuminance levels for the stairs, harmoniously melding with the overall concept,” summarises Anke Augsburg.

Luminaires Supplied:

Puck XT

NPS tschoban voss GmbH & Co.KG
Katia Klose, Leipzig
Lighting Design:
Anke Augsburg Licht, Leipzig

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