Gasteig Munich

Gasteig Munich

Gasteig now welcomes its approximately 6,000 daily visitors to the Munich Philharmonic, the University for Music and Theatre, the Adult Education Centre, and the Municipal Library with an inviting new lighting setup. Starting from the light-rail train station, visitors are intuitively guided to the entrance of the Gasteig building through well-designed illumination along the stairways. Outdated luminaires at the interface to the light-rail station have been replaced with linear LED lights, while asymmetrical luminaires illuminate the passageway to the Culture Centre.

To ensure safety-focused lighting on the numerous stairways, the LED PUCK system has been specifically developed for flush integration into metal handrails. These small yet efficient light sources (1.6W) have a long service life of approximately 50,000 hours and provide warm white light (3,000 Kelvin) to create an atmospheric ambiance for the surrounding masonry. Special lenses in hardened polycarbonate protect the LEDs from vandalism, while the impact resistance of all visible parts meets class IK10 (EN62262) standards. With a high Mode of Protection (IP65), the LED PUCKs remain protected from jet water during stairway cleaning.

For increased security, the previously dark passage is now illuminated with an ample number of E-Connect recessed ceiling luminaires equipped with 35W HIT lamps. Bay modules were inserted into the ceiling grid structure for seamless integration. The splash-water-proof E-Connect downlights not only maintain a clean appearance but also minimise maintenance while ensuring constant light distribution. These downlights comply with IP65 standards, providing an illuminance of up to 200lux in the once dim passageways, creating a pleasantly bright environment that instils a sense of security.

Products Used:

Puck XT

Lighting Design:
Ulrike Brandi Licht, Munich
Jörn Hustedt, Hamburg

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