Grand Optical, Eye Wish

Grand Optical, Eye Wish

During the development of a new interior concept, Eye Wish, an optician retail chain in the Netherlands, and its Belgian counterpart, Grand Optical, planned to upgrade their lighting system from CDM-T to LED. Both retail chains are under the ownership of Grandvision.

After evaluating different light fixtures, the company selected square wall washers from WILA with a 26-degree reflector for both brands. These fixtures are seamlessly integrated with the shop design concept in terms of dimensions, shape, and light output. As part of the LED transition, WILA also provided general lighting in the form of downlights with stainless steel rings and cove lighting. This lighting solution is currently being used or will soon be implemented in stores across the Netherlands and Belgium.

For the wall washers, a version with a 3000 lumen output was chosen. The decision to switch to LED lighting was driven by the desire to reduce overall wattage and benefit from the significant maintenance advantages that come with LED technology. The wall washers utilise LED modules, ensuring consistent colour quality and excellent colour rendering, which is crucial in a retail environment.

The downlights selected were fully recessed adjustable spotlights, also equipped with LED modules. LED strips were installed as cove lighting to create a balanced lighting atmosphere. For stores with higher ceilings, WILA designed a second wall washer specifically for this application, offering customers design flexibility. The second wall washer was adapted with a 42-degree reflector.

The project included both retrofitting existing stores and constructing new ones. Some stores were also relocated, requiring the development of individual lighting solutions for each location. Currently, around 40 stores in the Netherlands and 20 stores in Belgium have been equipped with WILA luminaires. The post-evaluation conducted by Grandvision after the installation of the new luminaires has been overwhelmingly positive, with customers benefiting from improved light quality thanks to the latest LED technology. Through these initiatives, Eye Wish and Grand Optical establish themselves as innovative retail chains that provide a modern shopping experience for their customers.

Lighting Design:
Mathilde Dusol, Netherlands

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