Gruner + Jahr Company Restaurant, Hamburg

Gruner + Jahr Company Restaurant, Hamburg

Lighting Solutions for the right flavour

Company restaurants are no longer known for their cold, impersonal light, but should offer employees a place to recharge for the rest of the day. The cafeteria at Gruner + Jahr in Hamburg was recreated with just these thoughts in mind. The company is the second largest printing and publishing house in Europe and employs around 11,000 people.

Luminaire’s from the ALPHABET product line were used in three different areas. At the work station for the cafeteria staff and in the returns area, ALPHABET ZONO downlights were installed, the most efficient LED lighting solutions in it category. The ALPHABET ZONO has a luminous flux of up to 3370 lumens and a light chamber with built-in diffuser to reduce luminance. The recessed light also has a 30° shielding angle, providing top visual comfort, and a glare shade. The beam angle ensures the best anti-glare at over 65° <1000cd/m² and UGR <19. With lighting efficiency of up to 105Llm/W, the ALPHABET ZONO combines the utmost visual comfort of efficient ambient lighting with maximum economy. The integrated diffuser in the high-performance light chamber delivers reduced luminance using innovative micro-bead technology.

In the areas frequented by guests, alphabet focus spotlights are built into the ceiling alongside the ALPHABET ZONOs. The 2013 winner of the Reddot Design Award carries a lens technology that can be precisely focused, comparable to a camera lens.

The beam angles can also be fine-tuned and gradated retroactively. The adjustment of the lenses ranges from 14° to 60° and serves to accentuate aspects like columns or to direct the gaze of customers to particular products in the till area. This also lengthens the life of the LED lamps and lowers costs through reduced need for maintenance..

In the rear of the cafeteria and along the wall behind the work station, the newly developed ALPHABET FOCUS wallwashers were affixed to evenly distribute light across the wall surfaces.

The Gruner + Jahr restaurant had also been fitted with WILA lamps before the renovation. The company, architects and lighting designers of Assmann Beraten und Planen, who carried out the project in the Hamburg publishing house, had already had positive experience with WILA products, which was one reason why they decided to work with WILA in this case as well. A renovation of the ceiling was not initially anticipated, and it the intention was to use the existing ceiling openings to install the new lights. The decision to redo the ceiling was made after the project had begun; therefore, the number of lights remained the same.

Michael Elkan from ELLUX Vertriebs GmbH represents the company WILA in Berlin. He says it is great to see that WILA already has exactly the kind of products a designer needs for such a project in their range, without having to invest extra time in new solutions.

Luminaires supplied:

ALPHABET FOCUS Fully recessed adjustable Spotlights

Lighting Design:
Assmann Beraten + Planen, Berlin
Werner Huthmacher, Berlin

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