IQL Stratford Pavilion

IQL Stratford Pavilion

The IQL Stratford Pavilion stands as a striking architectural landmark in Endeavour Square, situated at the heart of the burgeoning East London cultural and education district. With its innovative design and sustainable construction, the Pavilion serves as a focal point for the community, seamlessly blending environmental consciousness with contemporary aesthetics. Its strategic location at the intersection of the Olympic Park, Stratford, and the East Bank underscores its significance as a cultural and educational hub, poised to host esteemed institutions such as UCL, V&A, London College of Fashion, BBC, and Sadler’s Wells.

Constructed with lightweight timber panels atop a DLR tunnel, the Pavilion embodies sustainability and eco-friendliness. Native wildflower planting on the rooftop terrace enhances biodiversity, while energy efficiency is optimised through a connection to the Stratford district heating and cooling network. External lighting is thoughtfully designed to minimise light pollution, contributing to the Pavilion’s exceptional BREEAM score of 92%, placing it in the top 1% of newly constructed commercial buildings.

WILA was tasked with providing lighting solutions for the Pavilion’s handrails across its multi-level structure. The Puck XT was selected for its versatility, offering both standard and emergency versions to meet project requirements comprehensively. Its ability to seamlessly integrate with different handrail types, coupled with its advanced design and performance, made it the ideal choice for illuminating the Pavilion’s intricate architecture while upholding the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

The ability to mount the driver at a significant distance from the handrail offered design flexibility, addressing the complex requirements of the project. Despite efforts to identify value engineering alternatives, Puck XT remained the optimal choice due to its unmatched suitability for the project’s needs.

Concerns regarding potential glare from lower levels were effectively addressed by angling the fittings inwards, ensuring optimal visibility without compromising aesthetics or functionality. Both flat and round handrails were accommodated, with the former featuring a wooden capping to conceal wiring.

WILA’s collaboration with NDY and contributions to the IQL Stratford Pavilion exemplify the commitment to innovation, sustainability, and excellence in lighting design. By delivering tailored solutions that align with the project’s vision and objectives, WILA continues to be a trusted partner in creating illuminated environments that inspire and enhance the communities they serve.

Client Name:
Essex Services Group
Stratford, London
Hufton + Crow

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