Oxford Circus Station

Oxford Circus Station

The London Underground Oxford Circus Station Ticket Hall underwent a transformative lighting upgrade project led by WILA. The primary objective was to replace the existing 26W compact fluorescent downlights with highly efficient LED downlights while adhering to Transport for London’s (TFL) lighting specifications. The project involved precise calculations, custom adaptor ring production, and meticulous attention to detail to ensure compliance with safety standards and optimal lighting performance.

WILA played a pivotal role in the project, supplying replacement downlights, drivers, and adaptor rings tailored to fit existing cut-outs in the ticket hall. Additionally, WILA conducted comprehensive lighting calculations to verify that the new 8W LED Tentec Pro downlights would meet TFL’s lighting requirements in both standard and emergency modes.

One of the main challenges encountered was ensuring that the Tentec Pro downlights met TFL’s stringent luminaire standards, particularly regarding maximum plastic content, wiring types, and security features to mitigate fire risks. WILA successfully addressed these challenges through meticulous modification of the Tentec Pro design, ensuring full compliance while maintaining optimal performance.

The Tentec Pro downlight was selected for its exceptional efficiency, boasting an impressive 154 lm/W to minimise power consumption while providing improved light levels compared to the previous CFL fixtures. By replacing the 26W CFL with the 8W LED Tentec Pro, significant energy savings were achieved without compromising on illumination quality. Furthermore, the Tentec Pros long design life of 100,000 hours with L90/B10 lumen depreciation, coupled with a 7-year guarantee, assured TFL of reliable and durable lighting solutions. The low glare feature of the Tentec Pro was also a key consideration, contributing to a comfortable and visually appealing environment, particularly important in areas near escalators where glare can be a concern.

WILA’s lighting upgrade project for the Oxford Circus Station Ticket Hall exemplifies the company’s commitment to innovation, efficiency, and safety. By leveraging cutting-edge LED technology and meticulous design expertise, WILA not only met but exceeded client expectations, delivering a lighting solution that enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of this vital transportation hub.

Project Name:
London Underground Oxford Circus Station Ticket Hall
Client Name:
Transport for London
Oxford Circus, London
Lighting Design:

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