Maximilianeum Munich

Maximilianeum Munich

The library within the Bavarian state parliament serves as a vital information hub for parliament members, parliamentary groups, and administrative staff. Housing a collection of approximately 60,000 volumes and providing access to around 300 current magazines, the library offers a wide range of resources to politicians. Its collection includes legal literature, contemporary political works, general encyclopaedias, as well as publications on Bavarian regional and cultural studies, and Bavarian history.

Located in the re-designed basement rooms of the old building, the parliament library features a reading hall where users can access the open-access collections and utilize six workstations.

The lighting design incorporates luminaires provided by lighting specialist WILA. This comprehensive product line encompasses recessed Downlights and spotlights available in circular and square designs, each offering different luminous outputs and beam spread angles while maintaining a consistent diameter for a visually pleasing ceiling arrangement. Moreover, the product range offers two distinct light qualities: one with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 83, and another line with exceptionally high colour rendering indexes across the entire colour spectrum. These luminaires not only exhibit an impressive CRI value of 98 but also consistently deliver outstanding performance in rendering saturated colours. With R9 (red) >90 or R15 (skin tone) >95, these luminaires excel in providing high-quality lighting solutions that closely resemble daylight, making them ideal for creating a relaxed reading atmosphere in a library setting.

Additionally, WILA currently offers the highest level of colour uniformity for LED luminaires with a colour deviation of 1×2 SDCM (Standard Deviation of Colour Matching) across luminous colours of 2700K (super warm white), 3000K (warm white), and 4000K (neutral white).

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