Möhnesee dam

Möhnesee dam

The newly constructed pathway connecting the visitors’ parking lot to the historically significant Möhnesee dam now shines with a renewed radiance.

To preserve the scenic views of the historical building and the surrounding landscape, the responsible developers chose an unobtrusive lighting solution seamlessly integrated into the new handrail.

Incorporated flush with the lower edge of the handrail, the discreet PUCKs remain nearly invisible during daylight hours. However, as evening falls, these small LED spots, consuming only 1.5W, illuminate the barrier-free access in accordance with the necessary standards. This ensures that visitors can feel safe when visiting the dam during nighttime hours.

The PUCK lighting system was specifically designed for seamless integration into the bottom profile of handrails. Its versatile nature allows for individual configurations, accommodating both straight lines and various curvatures. Additionally, the system allows for retrofitting.

Depending on the specific design, the LED lights are protected against damage by a hardened polycarbonate lens. All visible components are resilient and meet the impact resistance standards of class IK10 (EN 62262). To prevent theft, a special tool is employed for removing the PUCKs, providing added security.

Luminaires supplied:

Puck XT


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