Robert Aitken Institute, Birmingham

Robert Aitken Institute, Birmingham

Energy efficient LED lighting for the Robert Aitken Institute for Clinical Research combines aesthetics with high performance

Laboratories and clinical institutes can be difficult environments where lighting is regarded. The lighting has to be unobtrusive so as not to divert attention and disturb concentration but at the same time allow the right amount of light on the task area with minimal glare. Often, the ceiling height is low and medical and research equipment has to be taken into account when designing the lighting scheme. In addition, an enclosed fitting should be used in order to reduce maintenance and to protect the light source from dust.

All of the above factors apply to the Robert Aitken Institute for Clinical Research at the University of Birmingham. When plans were made to refurbish a complete floor plate, a lighting solution was required that fulfilled the characteristics of a clinical environment whilst at the same time providing excellent performance. The lighting consultant Couch Perry & Wilkes chose the LED linear luminaire, due to the high performance and style of the product.

For this particular project the profile size of the luminaire is ideal, the slim design and “clean lines” integrate perfectly with the style and the design of the building. Within the laboratory areas the surface mounted version was utilised, continuous lines with lengths of up to 9.5m were installed. The continuous installation allowed for through wiring, preventing any exposed cabling and kept the ceiling appearance clean and uncluttered. In the circulation areas due to the 2.3m low ceiling height, the recessed version was used with lengths ranging from around 0.6m to 4m. A uniform illumination was achieved throughout with minimal scalloping on the corridor walls.

The DALI lighting control system ensures a maintained level of 500 lux was achieved throughout, with up to 750+ lux achievable if necessary. The colour temperature of the LEDs is 4000K and all profiles were supplied with an opal diffuser.

Initially the scheme was designed around T5, however, based on the cost uplift coupled with the energy consumption benefits for the building the switch to LED was then preferred by the client. The solution not only works towards the sustainability of the building, but also achieves lower embedded carbon, thus reducing the University’s overall carbon footprint.

Luminaires supplied:

Project solution recessed light lines Linc 60
Project solution surfaced light lines Linc 60

Sheppard Robson, Great Britain
Lighting Design:
Couch Perry & Wilkes, Birmingham
Redshift Great Britain

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