Sophie Barat School

Sophie Barat School

The newly constructed Sophie Barat School building in Hamburg is characterised by its modern design and abundance of natural light. The lighting concept, developed by WILA, was meticulously tailored to suit the different areas within the multifunctional building complex.

As visitors step into the school, they’re welcomed by a spacious atrium spanning two floors. Exposed-concrete seating steps and a glass front framing the schoolyard create a captivating ambiance. To ensure uniform illumination and visually engaging accents, ceiling luminaires with a combination of direct and indirect light components were thoughtfully employed.

Within the new classrooms, where furniture arrangements vary from rows to U-shapes and groupings, maintaining a glare-free environment is paramount. The solution lies in surface-mounted luminaires equipped with high-precision micro prismatic technology, providing comprehensive glare control for various teaching setups.

In areas like board rooms, carefully chosen downlights contribute to the atmosphere. These downlights, characterised by optimal glare protection and adherence to strict quality standards, enhance the environment’s functionality.

In the sports hall, specialised ball-proof downlights with protective screens guarantee maximum safety for the LED light source while keeping the ball clearly visible at all times.

Corridors boast a blend of surface-mounted luminaires and luminaires with a specific optic design, ensuring even light distribution on the ceiling.

The cafeteria, a versatile space doubling as a lounge, is adorned with continuous luminaires discreetly mounted on beams. The opal cover efficiently diffuses light, resulting in a harmonious glow that fills the room.

The building’s sacred space, the school chapel, has been graced with specially adapted surface-mounted and pendant luminaires that seamlessly integrate into the design. Recessed luminaires emphasise wall niches and exhibits, adding a touch of reverence.

With its modern allure and thoughtfully integrated lighting, the Sophie Barat School building stands as a testament to architectural brilliance and functional elegance.

Luminaires Supplied:

SIRO Surface and pendant luminaires

Haslob, Kruse und Partner, Bremen
Jan Haeselich, Hamburg
Lighting Design:
IWP Ingenieure, Schaller Warnke Peters Partnerschaft, Elmshorn
Electrical Planner:
Fritsche Elektrotechnik, Norderstedt

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