Würzburg University

Würzburg University

The expansion of Würzburg University’s campus necessitated the construction of a pedestrian and cyclists’ bridge. The design presented by the planning team from Kolb Ripke und Dr. Schütz Ingenieure impressed the jury of the architectural contest with its seamless integration of the bridge into the surrounding landscape. As a result, it was honoured with the prestigious Antonio Petrini Prize, awarded by the city of Würzburg to exceptional architects and building owners for their new constructions or renovations.

Resembling a sinusoidal wave, the campus bridge spans a total length of 100 meters, gracefully arching over the street that separates the Hubland area from the new Campus Nord. Composed of two gently curved concrete “webs,” the bridge converges in the middle of the street, transforming into a bow-shaped staircase on the opposite side. Enhancing the overall concept of this landscape sculpture, the lighting solution was thoughtfully integrated into the handrail, deviating from traditional street lights that would have disrupted the bridge’s aesthetic with their horizontal orientation.

The LED lighting system was purposefully designed for flush installation within the lower section of the handrails. Thanks to its flexible arrangement, the system seamlessly accommodated both straight sections and the curved area where the stairs descend. Utilising high-efficiency LEDs with a warm white (3000K) colour temperature and a power rating of 1.5W, the lighting evenly illuminates the pathway with adjustable beam angles, effectively directing light precisely where it is needed.

The PUCK LED lighting system also offers retrofitting capabilities, allowing for customised beam angles below the standard 60° for specific project requirements, particularly useful for accent lighting purposes. All visible components of the LED lighting system are protected by a lens made of hardened polycarbonate, ensuring durability and resistance to damage equivalent to impact strength class IK10 (EN62262).

Today, students and faculty can safely commute between the two campus areas, primarily by walking or cycling, thanks to the illuminated pathway provided by this lighting solution. Not only has it contributed to enhanced safety, but it has also significantly enriched the aesthetic appeal of the bridge.

Luminaires Supplied:

Puck XT

Kolb Ripke Architeken, Berlin; Dr. Schütz Ingenieure, Kempen, Allgäu; POLA Landschaftsarchitekten, Berlin
free2rec | Ignacio Lineares, Berlin

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