ZF Forum

The newly constructed headquarters of the ZF Forum make a bold statement in urban architecture. Spanning over six storeys and covering 30,000 square meters, it goes beyond being a mere company headquarters. The ZF Forum also offers visitors a unique opportunity to delve into the history, present, and future of ZF through its exhibition.

ZF is a renowned international technology group specialising in drive and chassis technology, as well as active and passive safety technology. The ZF Forum embodies a concept that sets it apart. It combines modern office workstations with other functions, creating an open and knowledge-sharing space. For the exhibition area, which sheds light on the company’s 100-year history through numerous exhibits, lighting fixtures were carefully chosen for accent lighting, thanks to their exceptional light quality.

These lighting fixtures not only exhibit an impressive Colour Rendering Index (CRI) value but also, when grouped together, show no noticeable colour deviations. The deviation of these fixtures is minimal, with a variation of only a few steps, equivalent to a colour temperature fluctuation of approximately +/- 50 K. These high-quality standards are maintained consistently, as even after five years of continuous operation, all fixtures remain within specified limits.

The ceiling design featuring cone-shaped recesses is equally remarkable. At the end of each recess, a particular type of Downlight ensures efficient general illumination. With its highly efficient light chamber and light-proof housing, this product family offers high-output solutions. The illumination within the truncated cone creates a vibrant ceiling lighting effect, typically achievable only with direct/indirect pendant luminaires. The Downlights used here were custom-designed, allowing for dynamic and independent adjustment of luminous colour and brightness. This versatility makes it an ideal solution for adapting to various room uses, such as evening events.

Lighting Design:
LDE Belzner Holmes, Stuttgart
Büro Münzing, Stuttgart - Tom Ziora
Büro Münzing, Stuttgart

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