McGraw Hill Financial, Canada Square, London


Intelligent Lighting for office and workplace

McGraw Hill has occupied their current position in London’s prestigious Canary Wharf for over 10 years. Technology and design of lighting has changed rapidly in the last decade with more efficient LED light sources and various product solutions driven by LED technology. McGraw Hill decided to refurbish their office and assigned Pringle Brandon Architects to undertake the task.

Pringle Brandon was quick to identify the potential of WILA’s newly launched Transparency pendant luminaire as a suitable lighting solution for this project at McGraw Hill. The luminaire was chosen for its performance and aesthetic qualities. 

The engineering design was undertaken by SPIE and chosen Transparency pendant luminaire demonstrated that it would not only provide McGraw Hill with a well-lit and glare free lighting solution, but a design that is modern and future-proof in terms of lighting technology.

During the installation, in order to align with the existing ceiling, the Transparency fittings were engineered to suspend from specific points on the aluminum extrusion. To ensure rapid and consistent installation the suspension cables were cut to pre-determined lengths.

The refurbished area has now been re-occupied and the calculated annual savings, from the new lighting installation, provide a significant positive impact on the company’s energy bill. This project was also shortlisted for Lux Awards- office and workplace lighting project of the year 2015.

Transparency Pendant luminaire


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