In today’s world, where sustainability is not just a trend but a necessity, WILA stands at the forefront of innovation with our groundbreaking initiative: Revive. Far beyond a mere buzzword, sustainability is the cornerstone of our ethos, and Revive exemplifies our commitment to creating a brighter, more eco-friendly future. 

Consider this: Did you know that a lighting system in operation for 10-15 years consumes a staggering five times more energy than a new system? Moreover, a startling 95% of the environmental impact caused by lighting arises from lifetime energy consumption. These statistics paint a clear picture of the urgency to act, but they also illuminate the path to solutions.
Man is working with lighting equipment indoors at domestic room.

Despite the widespread adoption of LED technology in various sectors for its sustainability and improved lighting, there are still industries reliant on traditional fluorescent light sources. Yet, the production of fluorescent lamps has come to a halt due to environmental concerns, particularly the hazardous substance mercury, as mandated by regulations such as the RoHS Directive in the EU and UK. 

As of February 1, 2024, the production of CFL, T8, and T5 lamps has ceased in the UK (and six months prior in the EU), leaving only HPD lamps and special-purpose lamps exempted for the next few years. This cessation of production will inevitably lead to dwindling availability of traditional lighting systems, driving up purchase and maintenance costs and rendering them obsolete. 

Enter Revive. Our initiative focuses on upcycling outdated luminaires into energy-efficient LED sources, thereby not only reducing energy consumption and costs but also minimising environmental impact. Our process is straightforward yet highly effective: we phase out old lamps and install LED fixtures, providing tailored solutions and payback calculations every step of the way. The result? Decreased energy usage, reduced carbon footprint, and significant savings on operational expenses. 

But what are the tangible benefits of Revive? 

Reduced CO2 emissions compared to purchasing newly manufactured lights. 

Environmental benefits by minimising emissions from landfills. 

Lower building operating costs. 

Decreased carbon footprint for your building. 

Enhanced eco-credentials for your brand. 

Energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions from recycling and transportation. 

Step One

We conduct an on-site assessment of current fittings and create a lighting solution proposal.

Step Two

We strip out and upgrade existing fittings with the latest LED technology, extending their lifespan and integrating them with modern building management systems.

Step Three

Your refurbished luminaires are delivered to the site, wired, and ready for installation.

Whether it’s a WILA luminaire or a product from another company, our goal is to assist businesses in upgrading their lighting systems without the need for a complete overhaul. 

It’s time to harness the power of modern lighting technology and join us in our mission towards a more sustainable future. To learn more about Revive or to get involved, contact us.


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