Warranty Policy

WILA will provide the above project with a 5 year product Warranty within the UK (managed by WILA lighting Ltd).  In general, this will commence from the date of invoice for each delivery on the project.  It will not be necessary to register the project.

The General Terms of the Warranty are attached.

The Warranty covers all WILA branded and Experience Brands product types supplied.

Consumable items such as Emergency Batteries are not covered within the 5 year Warranty. Batteries are typically subject to our standard 1 year Warranty only.

Please Note:  The design life of batteries is subject to limited duration testing (controlled number of discharges).  A maximum of 8 to 10 full 3 hour duration tests would be expected during a 4 year period.  Excessive switching of the permanent Mains Supply can lead to a reduction in the overall life of the batteries.

The Warranty is for the product only and includes the driver and the LED (excluding colour shift) and the emergency module (if applicable).

Labour is not included and neither are any associated costs, for example, returning of faulty goods to our factory, investigation, commissioning or re-installation etc.

WILA may attend site, at our discretion, but this will be in very unusual circumstances.

There are effectively 3 options as to how reported site issues would be dealt with:

Examination at site by the installer or a maintenance contractor, which demonstrates that the product is suspected as faulty.

 If a product is reported as faulty, WILA will ask for detail to confirm the product type (part code, luminaire reference type) and the nature of the fault.  We may suggest additional actions to clarify whether the fault is a component failure or if the issue can be addressed at site.

If it is clear that the fault can be remedied easily, we will supply a replacement component for installation at site.  Our responsibility will be to supply the replacement component only. If the nature of the fault is unclear, we will either request that the fitting is returned to us for inspection and repair or we may decide to supply a complete replacement product.

Labour costs to investigate the nature of the fault, carriage costs to our factory, or costs to re-install or re-commission any replacement product will not be included within the Warranty.

WILA Lighting Ltd will undertake to accept the goods back for examination.

With prior agreement, a site visit may be undertaken (normally only considered for high quantity failure rates – Greater than 10%).  Prior to any visit we would expect that all normal checks would be carried out in accordance with standard operating and maintenance procedures.

Should examination show the product to be faulty, due to a failure in design or manufacture, during the Warranty period, WILA will supply a replacement component, a like for like product or the fitting will need to be returned to us for repair.

If on investigation the product proves not to be faulty or to have been damaged due to incorrect use or treatment, the goods will be returned and return carriage charges will apply.

Under the Terms of this Warranty, WILA do not accept consequential costs and will not be responsible for costs incurred in relation to labour charges (including investigations, re-installation and control system commissioning etc), unless with prior written agreement.

N.B.  It is vital to review and observe all instructions and recommendations provided with our products.  Failure to adhere to these could result in long term damage to the product components and will void the Warranty.

All warranty enquiries should be directed to:

WILA Lighting LTD, Boston House, Downsview Road, Wantage, OX12 9FF

01235 773500



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